Ndash Food is a South African (Mzansi) food business that specialises in serving the true and rich history of our Food culture.

We are a company that is passionate about all that is South African because it makes us very unique, our love for Mzansi food fueled the fire in us to go out and share the unique and delicious taste of South Africa.

Mr. Sithembiso Ndashe, the founder of Ndash Food, started this business late 2013 as part of a South African culture that takes place every Monday called “Mogodu Mondays”. Due to the fact that in the suburbs of Jozi it was hard to get a great South African meal, this idea was born with the 1st POP Up kitchen in Midrand where an event was hosted. Serving the best of Traditional Food + Lifestyle.

Due to his passion for cooking, he graduated in Marketing and he turned his love for food into a business.

Currently the business provides the following services; POP UP Kitchens, Catering services, Food and Experience Events. We pride ourselves with offering great food that is strictly all about Mzansi. Coming from a simple South African meal such as 7 Colours , Traditional Food infused with our special taste to a Braai.

We understand that times have changed, people have evolved but our food culture should not because our food heritage is rich and we should share it with the world and the generations to come.

images The Founder

The Team



Sithembiso Ndashe is the brain behind this brand. Loved cooking from an early age, when he was inspired by his parents. His father used to wake everyone up most weekends to come eat the meals he had prepared and when ever he cooked he would try duplicate those dishes. He looked forward to everyday cause his mother would cook something amazing, and every meal was filled with love and passion. Which is mostly where he gets his Love for food. Born in Mpumalanga , Graduated in Marketing at the Durban University of Technology, a Father, a son, and a brother. Sithembiso is very proud to be a South African who is passionate about the food culture of Mzansi and just wants to share the taste with the world.

Bra Jeff

Jeff Masike is the Manager at Ndash Food, met with Ndash around 2011 while serving him at a Restaurant he used to work at in Pretoria. His service and Smile is what drew Ndash to him but also the passion they both shared when it comes to the kitchen. In 2013 he asked him to help him with his first POP Up idea which was launched in Midrand. In 2014 he was hired on a full time basis and since then, the bond together has been growing. Jeff hails from Rabokala in the North West , a father and a son who is also proud to be South African.


Kgaugelo Masilo is a jnr assistance at Ndash Food. He joined the company late 2015 as part of a program we started of developing young black men who were unemployed. Over the months he has grown to learn his way in the kitchen and the business and has added so much value as he brings his element in the team. He also hails from Rabokala in the North West , a father, a son, and is also proud to be South African.

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